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firepits materials


The HRPO and the Corten are both premium materials that will each last many, many years. To answer the comparison question very simply, the difference comes down to life span. The Corten will protect itself by forming an outer layer of rust that will prevent the inner metal from deterioration and prolong the life span of the metal. The HRPO steel will rust, and continue to rust, over many seasons and years of use. 

Most importantly, every one of our fire pits are made out of heavy, thick gauge steel. Whatever the material is, they will be around for many years of heavy use. 


This steel has a clean, consistent surface that is achieved by soaking the cooling steel coils in an acid bath, thus removing the scale that forms on the surface during the cooling process.

It is a selective, high quality material that is used throughout the construction industry in controlled and uncontrolled environments and trusted in endless professional structural applications. It will naturally rust in outdoor conditions and give many years of use without deterioration.  

HRPO steel firepit canada usa
coren steel firepit canada usa


This is a high-quality steel alloy that is designed to withstand and stabilize in outdoor use applications. The term Corten can be broken down into Cor (Corrosion Resistance) & Ten (Tensile Strength). Frequently used in exterior architectural applications and for heavy use industrial purposes, the steel forms a protective outer layer of rust under the natural influences of the outdoor conditions it is exposed to. A long lasting, premium quality material.

For information regarding the weathering of these materials, please 

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