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My name is Ben.

My young kids are yelling in the background as I write this, but it’s all good. My family and ensuing lifestyle have contributed in ways to my motivation and focus that I hadn’t known existed before, so this feels normal and progressive to me. Paige, Jet, Cedar, keep makin’ noise.

My wife and I have a home design business, H. Bee Architecture, that regularly incorporates new ideas and concepts into every project to create functional, unique places for the people we work with. So, our world of work regularly involves forward thinking, new ideas and how they can be applied to the clients we converse with and spaces we are designing in. The firepit started with this similar train of thought.

I have been designing and making furniture for some time now, and my focus has recently shifted to the world of outdoor living. I find there is a surprising lack of high quality, aesthetically pleasing outdoor products available to regular buyers across North America. These firepits were designed to address a small area of the outdoor living market that is primarily only served by poor quality products imported and overpriced, only to be replaced seasonally.

I love them. I hope you do too.

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